Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our Bulk Detergent Program

Using the latest in cleaning technology, the bulk detergent program is designed to keep you stocked up and going.

Car Wash

-Ideal for Light Duty Vehicles
-Bright Finish
-All Purpose Cleaner

Fleet Wash

-Heavy Duty Detergent
-Natural Citrus Degreaser
-Great for All Surfaces

Truck Wash

-Blend of Strength And Finish
-Includes Citrus Degreaser
-Ideal for Large Vehicles

Why You Should Choose Bulk Detergent

Our bulk detergent program gives you peace of mind and eliminates the hassle of buying and refilling detergent. Our specialized tank monitors will let us know when you're ready for a refill.

Complimentary System Check

Your Hotsy works hard, our bulk detergent program includes a waived trip charge and a complimentary system check to make sure your washer is working exactly how it should be.

Strength, Durability And A Brand You Can Trust!

You’ll want to make sure you choose a hot water pressure washer if the surface you are cleaning contains any type of grease, grime, oil or bacterium. Hot water units are heated with diesel, NG or propane, and are designed to cut through grease, grime, oil and to disinfect.