Phosphatizer 2


Phosphatizer 2 is a complete detergent for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts. Hotsy Cleaner / Phosphatizer 2 can be used at temperatures ranging from 120°F to 180°F. Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications. Phosphatizer 2 is a quality product with 20 years of successful history in the industry.


Phosphatizing is a process where a treated iron or steel surface reacts with Hotsy’s Phosphatizer 2 to form an insoluble, non-metallic coating. This coating provides excellent corrosion protection for liquid and powder coatings.

Product Features

  • One Step Cleaning: Saves Time & Labor
  • Three Ways to Apply: Spray, Wipe, Dip
  • Available Sizes: 5-Gallon, 55-Gallon, Bulk-Tote

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