November 16, 2023

Benjamin Grignon

How To Winterize A Pressure Washer

As the warm season has come to a close, it's time to prepare your equipment for long term cold storage. Learn the best approach to keep your machine running.
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When Should You Winterize?

It's that time of the year again in Minnesota when the days get short, and we start to prepare for the winter. If you are planning on putting your pressure washer in cold storage to wait out the winter, it's essential that you winterize your machine.

Why Should You?

If you ever looked at a glass of water and wondered why the ice cubes float to the top, the answer is because of water density. As water freezes, the molecules move further away, causing the water to lose density and expand. That expansion when frozen, and contraction when melted are why you need to winterize. The expansion can completely destroy a pump, and it won't be covered by warranty. You'll want to make sure you avoid that costly mistake by ensuring your washer is properly winterized, so it can be ready to go in the spring.

How Should You Winterize?

To start are going to want to make sure you have 2-4 gallons of RV & Marine Anti-Freeze

  • Your first step will be to turn the machine off. Make sure the switch is in the STOP position.
  • Detatch the drain and supply hose, high pressure hose, and the washer trigger gun
  • If you are using a machine with a float tank, you will turn the machine on (Switch to MOTOR ON) and pour the anti-freeze into the float tank.
  • If your machine does NOT have a float tank, you can use a bucket and a garden hose to suck the anti-freeze into the machine.
  • Do this until the anti-freeze is coming out of the machine outlet, you will want it to be the same color to ensure there is no water left in the system.
  • Turn off the machine (Switch to STOP)
  • If you're using a gas machine, make sure to empty the gas tank. For storage of the gasoline, put it in a gas can and add fuel stabilizer.

That Is It!

If you followed the steps above, your washer should be properly prepared for the long winter months ahead.