November 18, 2016

Michelle Sego

Why Maintain a Clean Fleet?

The purpose of maintaining a clean fleet goes far far beyond just your image. There are several ways that keeping it clean can help your business thrive.
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Why Maintain a Clean Fleet?

Let's face it: keeping your fleet clean and professional-looking is one of the greatest investments you can make in your business. Successful owners and fleet managers understand this and put processes in place to ensure the best chance of clean and well cared-for trucks, machinery and equipment. While it perhaps should be the responsibility of individual drivers to ensure the essential cleaning and upkeep of trucks, fleet owners should also use professional fleet washing services and pressure washers. An approach that combines educating drivers on expected standards and use of professional cleaning tools and services ensures a professional brand image and higher cost efficiencies.

Monetary Savings

This does require an investment in pressure washing equipment, maintenance and repairs, detergent, water, and employee training. While these costs represent a significant investment, the return on that investment is considerable.When you consider, for example, the staff hours you will save using a pressure washer vs. more traditional manual cleaning methods, the monetary savings start to become clear. Labor is expensive; equipment that allows your employees to clean quickly and effectively can only have a positive impact on your bottom line. Finding a professional fleet washing service is also an option, but to ensure the quality of the service they provide, always check to see that they are using a reputable pressure washer which will give you excellent results for your money.

Improved Brand Image and Driver Engagement

There’s more to consider than just the return on investment in terms of efficiencies and avoidance of downtime to consider. There's also the “return on engagement” that a clean and well-maintained fleet brings. By ensuring clean trucks and machinery, your vehicles can present an attractive company brand to customers, both potential and existing. Your drivers and service staff will also be more likely to show pride and act as brand advocates.A clean fleet is an integral part of maintaining a professional brand image. Regular fleet washing ensures a professional looking image and reflects well on your business and the service you provide. It’s effectively a free source of advertising as it speaks volumes and allows you to be much more proactive about the image you convey to potential customers and anyone who comes into contact with your brand.

Better for the Environment

The build up that vehicles accumulate in their tires contains salt, acids, and chemicals that eventually make their way onto the road. Unless your drivers strictly follow environmental laws, they risk receiving heavy penalties. Setting up a water wash reclaim system is a way to keep your fleet looking spotless while, at the same time, making a positive impact on the environment.All in all, a clean and safe truck is more efficient and helps maintain lower operating costs, improve your brand image for increased sales, encourages employee engagement and is better for the overall environment. Investing in an in-house pressure washer or a professional fleet washing service is well worth the money for your business and brand image.Final ThoughtsUsing a pressure washer will give you better results, faster — and will save you money over time. In addition, cleanliness can be a powerful profit generator that will increase your productivity and improve your bottom line.If you want to think of it this way, there are seven benefits to CLEAN:

  1. Reduces downtime
  2. Improves productivity
  3. Decreases driver turnover
  4. Improves your company’s brand image
  5. Increases safety
  6. Enhances regulatory compliance
  7. Increases vehicle life

Everything starts with CLEAN — and we own clean. Hotsy Minnesota can help you leverage its power in everything you do.