January 2, 2024

Benjamin Grignon

The Right Nozzle Makes The Right Difference

Pressure Washer spray nozzles are incredibly important for controlling the amount of pressure that comes out of your pressure washer. Understanding the colors and angles will help you clean better.
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Pressure Washer Spray Nozzles

There is an old quote "The right nozzle in the right place can make all the difference in the world. " I believe it goes something like that anyway. When it comes to getting the right clean, the spray nozzle shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, it's the easiest way to make sure your pressure washer is meeting your needs.

Our pressure washers are designed to output a constant level of pressure, but you wouldn't want a pressurized jet stream if all you need to do is wash a car. So how do you control that pressure to get the exact clean you need with your pressure washer? It all comes down to the type of spray nozzle you use.

There are several different types of nozzles, all with different usages. For the sake of simplicity, we're going to keep the explanation broad, so you can be informed on what will work for you. Spray nozzles come in a variety of sizes and spray angles.

We will be focusing on spray angles, the colors of the nozzles, and how to apply them.

If you think of the water coming out of the end of the hose on your pressure washer, that water will shoot out in a V formation. The job of the nozzle is to control that spray pattern, that will allow more or less pressure, and also allow for better cleaning performance for different tasks.

Nozzle Colors and Angles


A red nozzle is a 0° spray nozzle. These spray nozzles shoot a jet stream of high pressure water with minimal spread. You can think of it like a direct line of water. These spray nozzles are perfect for hard to reach areas, or spot cleaning on cement, or unpainted metal surfaces. They should be avoided for any surfaces that are made of softer materials like wood, as they will cause damage.


Yellow spray nozzles are a 15° nozzle. These are still going to shoot a stream of high pressure water, and even though there is a larger spread, they are still very powerful spray nozzles. These would be best for cleaning concrete walkways, or driveways. They are also safe for use on stucco or brick as long as it is unpainted. The high pressure of these nozzles means they will be likely to cause damage on painted surfaces, or wood.


Green is the 15° spray nozzle. Green is also the most common type of spray nozzle. If you need to clean something with your pressure washer, chances are you are using a green nozzle. These nozzles cover must usage and are great for outdoor furniture, gutters, siding, and most surfaces.


The white spray nozzle is a 40° spray nozzle. These would be your go-to spray nozzle for any painted surfaces, washing your boat or car, or vinyl surfaces. These are the widest angle, and are great for when you need a good delicate wash, but still need the power of a pressure washer.


Black nozzles are a 65° low pressure spray nozzle, they are used to apply soaps to surfaces. Ideal use would be for car washing, or applying one of our specialty detergents. Like our salt neutralizer

That covers the primary nozzle angles you will see, and the colors that match them. But there are also specialty turbo nozzles. When we visited Dirt Monkey, we showed off our 0° turbo spray nozzle. If you need the power of a 0°, but over a large surface area, a 0° turbo might be the best option for you.

That should cover most options that you will need for getting the best clean you can.