July 15, 2017

Michelle Sego

Reduce Cleaning Time With These Helpful Accessories

Need accessories? It's easier than ever to reduce your cleaning time. Look at the accessories we have listed to find out which one will work best for you.
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Reduce Cleaning Time With These Helpful Pressure Washer Accessories

Now it's easier than ever to reduce your cleaning time simply by using the right pressure washer accessories. Using the proper add-ons with your equipment will not only improve working conditions for employees, but will help them to be more efficient as well. Here are a few of the most common pressure washer parts designed to speed up the industrial cleaning process:

Specialty Nozzles

Nozzles have different spray patterns that can affect the width and strength of the spray. For instance, a 40º nozzle delivers a flat spray at roughly a 40º angle. Choose also the 25º, the 15º (most popular), and a 0º nozzle. Precautionary Note: be sure to warn operators about the 0º nozzle because it can burrow into wood causing damage.A vari-fan nozzle allows you to do just that—vary the spray angle from 0° to 40° simply by twisting the nozzle itself, rather than replacing it. This pressure washer accessory saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to stop and switch nozzles.Rotary nozzles are frequently used pressure washer accessories because they create the impact of a 0° nozzle while providing the fan coverage of a 25° nozzle (due to the water-propelled spinning action) simultaneously. Rotary nozzles clean deeper and faster.

Variable Pressure Wands (Dual Lance)

A variable pressure wand allows the user to simply twist the handle to reduce the spray pressure. If a chemical injector is attached, the power washer detergent is automatically suctioned into the water stream when the pressure is reduced. The simple twist of the nozzle allows the operator to toggle between applying detergent and rinsing.Best of all, the power washer detergent is injected into the water flow after it leaves the high-pressure pump—so the soap cannot damage the pump seals. Many pressure washer soaps and chemicals are harmful to a high-pressure pump—but not Hotsy!In contrast, a straight through wand is often used with pressure washers. It does not allow the operator to vary the water pressure, making it less efficient for switching out nozzles when applying detergent, since the pressure washer would need to be shut down.

Surface Cleaners

A surface cleaner attaches to a hot water pressure washer or cold water pressure washer and can be used on virtually any flat surface to dramatically reduce cleaning time. Surface cleaners are ideal pressure washer parts for driveways, parking lots, garage floors, tennis courts, decks, or just about any other flat surface.Most surface cleaners resemble a floor sweeper or lawn mower, depending on the make and model. They allow the user to “mow” a straight path, rather than the sweeping back and forth motion typically used when cleaning with a pressure washer wand.For effortless work and visibly greater cleanliness, consider a surface cleaner like the Hotsy Cyclone—it saves time and eliminates user fatigue.

Remote Controls

A remote control allows the pressure washer to be located in one room, with the control box and wand in another. These pressure washer parts are ideal for wash bays or any other remote location. A remote control allows a user to start up and shut down the unit with easy-to-use low-voltage switches. Additionally, you can choose an optional power washer detergent kit so you can also control soap application.A remote control saves you the time and hassle of walking back and forth to manually start and stop the washer or adjust its controls. It also allows you to keep the machine away from the wash bay area—keeping it clear of corrosive materials and adding years to the life of the pressure washer.

Hose Reels

Hose reels are available in both pivot and non-pivot varieties that can be mounted to a wall or directly to a pressure washer for portable applications. The benefit of these pressure washer parts is threefold: first, they add to the life of your hose by keeping it up off of the ground away from the dirt and grime you are cleaning; second, when the hose is wound up, it's not on the ground waiting to be run over by vehicles; and third, you can quickly reel in the hose after cleaning, speeding things up yet again and keeping the hose free of kinks.