May 20, 2019

Michelle Sego

Hotsy Detergent – Use Less and Save More!

Use less and save more with our Hotsy Detergent. Don't fall for "miracle detergents" we break down the ways to capitalize on your best cleaning investments.
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Hotsy Detergent – Use Less and Save More!

Forget "miracle detergents" and "low-ball pricing" from all the other pressure washer companies. Trust the name you know-Hotsy pressure washer detergent cleans better than any other because it is specifically formulated for use with cold water and hot water pressure washers —it's that simple. You need a powerful cleaning solution and Hotsy can help. Contact your local Hotsy pressure washer expert today to learn how! Are you paying for water instead of detergents? We find that 9 times out of 10, companies are using far more detergent than necessary to get the job done. We also found that less expensive pressure washer soaps had been diluted with water, so you're really not getting what you pay for. Let Hotsy evaluate your current pressure washer soap usage. Contact your local Hotsy dealer to take the 15 minute Hotsy detergent challenge! We compare power washer detergents using four simple yet very important tools:

  • Water hardness test strips
  • pH test strips
  • a water softener
  • a flow meter
  1. Most effective cleaning Unlike so-called "economy" products, Hotsy detergents are designed specifically for high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning. In fact, our detergents gain strength as temperatures increase. Inferior detergents begin to decompose under high temperature and pressure—which can form deposits that are not only bad for the equipment being cleaned, but for the pressure washer as well. Hotsy offers 50 individual formulations. Save time, effort and money by choosing the pressure washer soap best suited to your cleaning task.
  2. Economical operation Hotsy detergents are super concentrated. They’re designed to blend with water in ratios up to 128 parts of water to 1 part of detergent. Compare that to economy brands and you’ll see why Hotsy detergents last so long and keep operating costs low. Select the amount you need—from 5-gallon pails to 55-gallon drums, and even Bulk Packs that provide up to 200 gallons of on-site storage. You can also get Hotsy’s economical powder detergents in package sizes from 10 to 450 pounds.
  3. Preserve your pressure cleaning equipment investment Using inferior "economy" detergents that cost less can ultimately cost you more in machine maintenance and parts replacements. That's because low-quality detergent can build up over time, and it can also allow lime to build up inside the system components and pipes in hard-water environments. The result is reduced performance, higher maintenance costs and shorter equipment life. Most Hotsy detergents contain exclusive Hotsy Continuous Clean (HCC) additives, which help prevent lime and soap buildup. They also contain corrosion inhibitors that not only help protect the internal parts of your equipment, but also help protect metal surfaces of the equipment being cleaned.
  4. Environmentally friendly pressure washer soap You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that Hotsy detergents have no unpleasant odors, and they’re biodegradable, which makes them safe for the environment. Most are USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) and Canadian Food Inspection approved. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Medicine) Material Safety Data Sheets are available on all Hotsy power washer detergents.
  5. Best selection of power washer detergents available Choose from over 50 Hotsy biodegradable pressure washer soap formulations, which contain water softeners and wetting agents for fast action in virtually any water condition. And they work well with hot water and cold water pressure cleaning equipment!

Make the smart choice: Hotsy top-quality pressure washers & detergents

  • Enjoy the Whole Package: Investing in a Hotsy system means you get top-notch equipment, power washing soaps, a preventative maintenance program, warranty, water softener, professional installation, customer support and, of course, trained technical service.
  • Pressure Washer Detergents Formulated For Hot Water: Our pressure washer detergents are manufactured to withstand and even thrive in extreme water temperatures. In fact, the Hotsy detergents’ flash point (the point at which the detergent begins to break down or burn-ignite and bake onto the inside of the heating coil) exceeds 212°. Other low-budget detergents are designed to work in “warm” water applications of 120° or below. They end up breaking down in higher temperatures causing the system coils to plug, which means they fail to clean effectively.
  • Kosher Approved
  • Chem-Trex Listed Number: In case of a spill or leak while in transit or shipment, a toll free number is listed on all labels and MSDS sheets so you can easily contact Chem-Trex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for proper procedures.
  • DOT Approved Containers: Hotsy detergents are shipped in containers that meet or exceed DOT (Dept. of Transportation) container regulations.
  • Hotsy pressure washer detergents are free of fillers
  • Concentrated commercial pressure washer detergents: Hotsy detergents are highly concentrated and can be metered at higher dilution ratios than other detergents, which means lower cost to the user.