November 8, 2023

Benjamin Grignon

The History of Pressure Washers

The History of pressure washers might be relatively recent, but it still goes back further than you think. Looking back on how things used to be before Hotsy.
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Where it all began.

Pressure and water as a cleaning device has only been around for a little under one hundred years. But the very first concept of using pressurized water would come from fire hoses. The pressure from the fire hose would inadvertently clean the streets. But the idea of a machine designed to use pressure to clean? That would come to Frank W. Ofeldt II, in 1926.

The Utilization of Pressure and Water.

Frank noticed how the steam would move grease, but not clean it. It was then he decided he had to move towards a full cleaning device.

Frank had worked for a company that built steam water heaters, and he had noticed how the steam valve, when pointed down would push grease around in his garage. The idea came to him to combine the use of pressure water and steam to clean hard to clean surfaces.

After finding the right company to cast the pump parts. He would invent what was known as the High-Pressure Jenny, designed to provide cleaning to grease and dirt.

Alfred Kärcher

In 1950, Alfred Kärcher, known for creating heating elements, would develop the modern pressure washer. The development of the DS-350 would lead his company into a new era of cleaning equipment. The DS-350 was Kärcher's biggest selling product up to Alfred's death in 1959. His wife continued the company's direction of providing modern cleaning solutions.

The Number One Brand Since 1970.

With over five decades of innovation. Hotsy continues to be the number one brand in North America.

Hotsy would be established in 1970 by Bob Cohen. There was a hot water steam cleaner that was being produced by Slifer Manufacturing, and marketed by Kanco Tech. Bob, having used them in the past would be impressed by the high quality provided by the hot water systems. He ended up buying both companies. Using a derivative of "Hot Systems" he would go on to create "Hotsy" and created the trademark red.

Over the years Hotsy would grow to be the most recognized brand in North America. Developing over 100 models and offering the largest network of trained service centers and dealers.

Which is why Hotsy remains number one in North America.