July 17, 2019

Michelle Sego

Choosing a Wash Bay System over a Pressure Washer

Rather than choosing the standard high pressure washer machines, you might be better off with a pressure washer system or wash bay. Let us assist you further.
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Is a Pressure Washer System Right For You?

Rather than choosing the standard high pressure washer machines, you might be better off with a pressure washer system or wash bay. If, for example, you operate a fleet of trucks or other heavy equipment that you clean often, you might want to consider installing a Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer System. Hotsy's pressure washing system includes the pressure washer of your choice located remotely in your facility, with a trolley system of pressure washer parts such as hoses and wands, allowing multiple users at one time. An onsite wash bay is easier to maintain than a stand-alone pressure washer, and is customized to fit your specific cleaning needs. The result is a faster, more efficient pressure washer system at a price you can afford!

6 Reasons to Choose a Hotsy Pressure Washer System

  1. The pressure washer is located away from the water and grime of the wash bay, usually in a separate room. This protects the pressure washer system, reduces service calls, and extends the life of the machine.
  2. Stationary pressure washers, which run on natural gas or LP gas, are the pressure washer of choice in wash bays. This means that no refueling is required, as the fuel source is piped in. Furthermore, LP and natural gas machines have one third less moving parts, resulting in less maintenance and more years of use.
  3. Multiple gun systems allow you to have one pressure washer with several guns and hoses located in the wash bay. With more pressure washer parts on hand, more than one user can clean at the same time.
  4. A remote control allows the user to turn the pressure washer on or off, without needing to walk back and forth to the machine.
  5. Hose reels, trolley kits and swivel hose booms lift the hoses off the ground and out of grease and oil, which prevents damage from accidentally running over them. These pressure washer parts & hoses are easy to maneuver around the vehicle you are cleaning. Easy to use and easy to put away—now that's a quality pressure washer system!
  6. Expandable curtain walls keep overspray, splashing and contaminants inside the cleaning area. When you're not using your pressure washer system, the curtains can be retracted.

Who Uses Pressure Washer Systems?

Wash bay systems are very common among commercial and industrial facilities. Some of Hotsy's most common clients work in these industries:

  • Trucking / Leasing Companies
  • Excavation / Construction Contractors
  • Large Farms
  • Heavy Equipment Rental
  • City Services (Ambulance, Firetrucks, etc.)
  • Public Transportation
  • Waste Management

Pressure washer systems are designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency while keeping plumbing, hoses, wands, etc. streamlined and tidy. Not only is the pressure washer system more functional, it also provides a much safer environment for personnel, reducing the risk of liability issues.